Senator Harper Angel’s Record of Legislative Accomplishments


Colon Cancer Screening, Senate Bill 61, 2015 (Co-sponsor)

Removes barriers to colorectal cancer screening.

Newborn Health Screening, Senate Bill 75, 2015 (Co-sponsor)

Requires newborn health screenings to include checks for Krabbe Disease, an inherited disorder that affects the nervous system.

End-of-Life Care, Senate Bill 77, 2015 (Co-sponsor)

Enables Kentuckians to determine their own end-of-life care.

Sexual Assault, Senate Joint Resolution 20, 2015 (Primary sponsor)

Directs the Auditor of Public Accounts to determine the number of sexual assault examination kits in the possession of Kentucky police and prosecutors that have not been sent to the state’s forensic lab for testing. There are federal grants available to help agencies eliminate the backlog once the number of untested kits is determined.


Access to Health Care, Senate Bill 7, 2014 (Co-sponsor)

Makes it easier for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to prescribe nonscheduled drugs, such as antibiotics, without physician review.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults, Senate Bill 98, 2014 (Co-sponsor)

Creates an adult abuse registry to allow employers in the adult care profession to determine if a prospective employee has a history of substantiated adult abuse, neglect or exploitation.

Prescription Eye Drops, Senate Bill 118, 2014 (Co-sponsor)

Regulates coverage under health benefit plans for refills of prescription eye drops.

Cannabis Oil, Senate Bill 124, 2014 (Co-sponsor)

Allows doctors at the University of Kentucky and University of Louisville to prescribe cannabis oil for medical purposes, such as treatment of pediatric epilepsy.

Kinship Caregivers, Senate Bill 176, 2014 (Primary sponsor)

Removes unnecessary barriers facing kinship families by allowing relative caregivers access to essential services for the children in their care.


Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Election Days, Senate Bill 13, 2013 (Co-sponsor)

Modernized laws regarding alcohol sales on election days.

Down Syndrome, Senate Bill 34, 2013 (Co-sponsor)

Requires that a health facility, upon receipt of a positive test result from a test for Down syndrome, shall provide the expectant of new parent with up-to-date, evidence-based, written information about Down syndrome.

Hemp, Senate Bill 50, 2013 (Co-sponsor)

Created an administrative framework for growing industrial hemp in Kentucky if it is authorized by the federal government.

Amusement Rides and Attractions, Senate Bill 103, 2013 (Co-sponsor)

Tightens regulation of rides and attractions at amusement parks, county fairs and local festivals.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Senate Bill 107, 2013 (Co-sponsor)

Requires greater transparency from pharmacy benefit managers.

Newborn Health Screenings, Senate Bill 125, 2013 (Co-sponsor)

Ensures that all newborns will receive critical congenital heart disease testing.


Diplomas, Senate Bill 43, 2012 (Co-sponsor)

Provides diplomas to students with disabilities who finish modified high school curriculums. The diploma replaces the certificate of completion.

Stroke Response and Treatment, House Bill 467, 2012, sponsored Senate floor amendment

Encompass additional missing impaired persons in the Golden Alert by including individuals with developmental disabilities, autism and traumatic brain injuries. Removes the age requirement of the 18.


Flu Shots, Senate Bill 40, 2011 (Co-sponsor)

Allows pharmacists to give flu shots to children ages 9-13.

Diabetes, Senate Bill 63, 2011 (Co-sponsor)

Creates a collaborative group to identify goals and plans to reduce incidences of diabetes and improve diabetes care.

Eye Care, Senate Bill 110, 2011 (Co-sponsor)

Allows optometrists to perform certain types of laser surgery, including treatments for glaucoma and cataracts.


Organ Donation, Senate Bill 4, 2010 (Co-sponsor)

Clarifies and streamlines the method for Kentuckians to donate organs to save lives.

Corrections, Senate Bill 17, 2010 (Co-sponsor)

Makes it a felony for workers at prisons, jails or detention centers to have sex with inmates.

Clinical Trials, Senate Bill 18, 2010 (Co-sponsor)

Prohibits a health benefit plan from excluding coverage for routine patient healthcare costs that are incurred in the course of a cancer clinical trial if the health benefit plan would provide coverage for the routine patient healthcare cost had it not been incurred in a cancer clinical trial.

Texting Ban, House Bill 415, 2010 (Sponsored Senate floor amendment)

Prohibits texting while driving. The legislation also prohibits cell phone use by drivers under 18.

Military Family Assistance Trust Fund, Senate Bill 30, 2010 (Co-sponsor)

Extends the eligibility of military personnel and their families eligible for military family assistance trust grants from 90 to 180 days after the end of deployment.

License Plates, Senate Bill 71, 2010 (Primary sponsor)

Creates a special license plate for recipients of the Silver Star Medal or the Bronze Star Medal awarded for valor.

Bi-State Authority, Senate Joint Resolution 169, 2010 (Co-sponsor)

Ratification of the proposed Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project Bi- State Authority.


Drug Treatment, Senate Bill 4, 2009 (Co-sponsor)

Under Senate Bill 4, persons charged with a felony would be screened for substance abuse before they go to trial. At a judge’s discretion, the offender could be ordered into an outpatient recovery program as a condition of bail. Upon completing the retrial diversion program (and assuming no further offenses), the charges could eventually be dropped and no felon listed on his or her record.

Personal Services, Senate Bill 22, 2009 (Co-sponsor)

Requires home health agencies and other personal service businesses to conduct criminal background checks on their employees and bans anyone convicted of abuse, drug crimes, or sex crimes from being hired.


Golden Alert, Senate Bill 125, 2008 (Primary sponsor)

Creates a Kentucky Golden Alert for mentally impaired adults who are missing. The bill directs the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management to issue the Golden Alert through local media outlets whenever an impaired adult 18 years of age or older is reported missing from home, a facility or the care of another person.

E-waste, Senate Joint Resolution 76, 2008 (Primary sponsor)

Directs the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet to submit a report to the Legislative Research Commission relating to electronic waste disposal and recycling.

Adventure Tourism, Senate Bill 196, 2008 (Co-sponsor)

Senate Bill 196 was passed to boost the state’s adventure tourism industry by allowing the state to enter into agreements with private property owners to use their land for recreational activities. The agreements would allow property owners to permit public use of the land without fear of the liability issues they otherwise would face.

Special License Plates, Senate Bill 150, 2008 (Co-sponsor)

Permits the surviving spouse of a former Kentucky National Guard member or retired veteran to keep special license plates assigned to that member or veteran.

Military Children, Senate Bill 68, 2008 (Co-sponsor)

Sets forth an agreement among the states to remove barriers to educational success imposed on children in military families because of frequent moves and deployments.

Service Animals, Senate Bill 159, 2008 (Co-sponsor)

Exempts service animals and service animals in training who are vaccinated from a 10- day quarantine after biting a human.


Kentucky Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program, Senate Bill 25, 2007 (Primary sponsor)

Enhances nutrition by requiring the program to provide fresh, locally grown produce to low-income seniors and recipients of the federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for women, infants and children.

Alzheimer’s, Senate Joint Resolution 6, 2007 (Primary sponsor)

Directs the Kentucky Office on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders to assess the impact of Alzheimer’s disease in Kentucky.

Assistance dogs, Senate Bill 23, 2007 (Primary sponsor)

Prohibits the denial of emergency medical treatment to assistance dogs because of their handler’s inability to pay prior to treatment.

One-stop Resource Center, 2007 (Primary sponsor)

Establishes a 1-800 number for aging caregivers of individuals with mental retardation. Offers assistance in many areas including respite service, adult day health, adult day social services, community living services, community programs and resources and information regarding options for future planning.

Human Trafficking, Senate Bill 43, 2007 (Co-sponsor)

Makes human trafficking a Class B felony in Kentucky. The bill defines human trafficking as the transportation of persons for forced labor, sexual exploitation or other illicit activities.

Sex Offenders, Senate Bill 65, 2007 (Co-sponsor)

Requires convicted sex offenders in Kentucky to disclose their Internet user names or other online identities to the Justice Cabinet.

Dental Services, Senate Bill 26, 2007 (Co-sponsor)

Permits dentists to practice under a name other than their own if they have contracted to perform continuing operations for a deceased or incapacitated dentist.

MLK Designation, Senate Joint Resolution 16, 2007 (Co-sponsor)

Renames I-65 in Jefferson County in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Osteoporosis, Senate Bill 202, 2006 (Primary sponsor)

Establishes a statewide osteoporosis education and prevention program.

Electronic Health Network, Senate Bill 19, 2006 (Primary sponsor)

Includes electronic registries for advanced directives (living wills) and organ donations as part of the electronic health network.

Funeral Protest, Senate Bill 93, 2006 (Co-sponsor)

Makes disruption of a funeral, funeral procession, burial or memorial service a crime. This legislation was spurred by a small church group from Kansas that has protested at the funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nurse Practitioners, Senate Bill 65, 2006 (Co-sponsor)

Allows advanced registered nurse practitioners to write prescriptions for controlled substances under certain circumstances.

Residential Hospice Facilities, Senate Bill 166, 2006 (Co-sponsor)

Permits a pharmacy to provide services to a residential hospice facility by an automated system under supervision of a pharmacist.

Emergency Management Services License Plates, Senate Bill 170, 2006 (Primary sponsor)

Changes the disaster and emergency management license plate to the emergency management license plate.

Public Employees, Senate Bill 51, 2006 (Co-sponsor)

Provides that there shall be no loss of income or benefits to a teacher or school employee for work time lost because of personal injury incurred by the teacher or employee as the result of an assault while in the performance of assigned duties for a period of one-year subsequent to the assault.


Elderly Caregivers, Senate Joint Resolution 85, 2005 (Primary sponsor)

Requires the state to study issues relating to elderly caregivers who care for adults with mental retardation.

Electronic Health Network, Senate Bill 2, 2005 (Co-sponsor)

Establishes a statewide electronic health network, giving doctors access to patient records and histories while protecting confidentiality.

Newborn Screenings, Senate Bill 24, 2005 (Co-sponsor)

Gives newborns better protection from life-threatening disorders by expanding health screening. Before passage of the bill, Kentucky only required newborns to be tested for four disorders. Senate Bill 24 expands that number to 29, bringing the state in line with federal standards.

“Brenda D. Cowan Act,” Senate Bill 91, 2005 (Co-sponsor)

Provides that a person is guilty of assault in the third degree when causing or attempting to cause physical injury to emergency medical services personnel, organized fire department members and rescue squad personnel.

Paid for by Denise Harper Angel for State Senate, Catherine A. Dreier, CPA, Treasurer